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When we are young we mottle through life having fun and taking most everything at face value.  Taking everything for granted.  As we grow older we start to appreciate things more.  We take time to smell the roses, enjoy things that we do, and listen more intently to our hearts.  Friends seem to come and go in our lives, with the exceptions of the ones that have have touched our heart.  We loose some friends and family to death, and its a total torment for a long time.  After a while we start to get used to them being gone, but there will always be days when we hurt as if we lost them yesterday. Our family becomes important to us in ways that we never imagined.  We think more about God, the world, our lives, and often wonder what we could have or should have changed.  We think of the lost opportunities that past us by, and somehow just can't find peace in knowing we passed them up, but we know they will not come to us again.  They call it live and learn, but I am not sure that is fair.  It seems it's a punishment for living.  There should be no punishment for living.  Life should be full of wonderful experiences and happiness.  Though that is not reality.  We get our hearts broke, our ego's damaged and our passion changed along the way, and its so hard to come out of sometimes.  If everyday you can just find the time to smile and remember God is on our side, it is a good day!
Laura Elizabeth

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today 8/7 on CBS Radio/THE SKY/KOZMICKIDS 5p.m. ET

Me as guest of Jade and Shelly to discuss my last book 541 Hucklebee Hound.

August 7, 2010…Are the folks in the afterlife really capable of committing murder?

Stop by and join us as we listen to Laura Elizabeth author of 541 Hucklebee Hound speak of this beautiful childhood lov...e story and par...anormal murder mystery that will keep you glued to your seat! Join us we ask Laura questions of the twist and turns and could this be possibly her personal story? She has also contributed as a writer for women's online magazines with several articles. Laura has also been interviewed by 1st Angel magazine out of the UK and by Going Beyond Radio on Blog Talk Radio with Chuck Manning and Sylvia Ray. She is a stroke survivor and believer of life after death. Laura is currently working on her 3rd manuscript and is a member of Spiritual Transitions. You can find links associated with her book 541 Hucklebee Hound on, Facebook, Myspace and you can also find her under Laura Elizabeth on Linkedin. See More.

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Laura Elizabeth