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Not one living soul who know's this child has come forward.



Found: Sep 25, 1998

Height: 4'11" (150 cm)

Eyes: Unknown

Race: White

Age Now:

Sex: Male

Weight: 50 lbs (23 kg)

Hair: Brown




United States

The child's body was found along Industrial Drive near Mebane, NC on September 25, 1998. The boy was estimated to be between 10 and 11 years of age. He was wearing "Fox Polo Club" brand khaki shorts, size 3 "2XS Sports" brand black and white athletic shoes, and white tube socks. He had sealant on the surfaces of some of his teeth. The above image is a computer-assisted facial reconstruction done by a forensic artist at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Items such as eye color and hair style are the artist's estimations to complete the image, and should not be considered as significant markers for identification.

How could it possibly be that this child's body was found so many years ago and no one has come forward to claim him?  I don't understand the thought process of that.  This child was from somewhere, he had parents, friends, a school he attended, neighbors who would see him play in the yard. 

Then to disappear and no one asks questions, no one mentions to the police that something seems to be amiss?  No questions asked from school officials or anyone? What's wrong that somewhere along the way the signs were ignored.

It seems to me we live in a nation of people who do not pay enough attention to these signs which seems to allow these kind of terrible horrific acts  I have read article after article about missing children and looked over studies done about missing children. The statistics are totally unbelievable to me. The amount of missing children over the years escalates whether they are family abductions or not.

I'm positive the cross matches have been checked with reported missing children and all of the right tests have shown conclusive information that this is not a child anyone has come forward claiming they are missing or it could be the facts were not checked into on public concerns, though there has certainly got to be a person or person's who knew this child in some capacity who has come forward only to be ignored or brushed off.

The sad truth is there the crime rate overall has escalated to the point that there is just not adequate staff to provide the proper resources to figure it out, Dropped in a section of cold case files until a new lead comes up. However, thank god the channels that are open to research missing children have grown over the years.

In one state research was done by posting a photo of a model child all over a community mall and the the model child was placed on a bench all by themselves and watched to see who would stop.  The sad conclusion was that 3 people out of 100 stopped to ask the child why she was sitting there alone.

It's sad when our lives become so involved that we can't even pay attention to the little ones and whats going on.  It seems the only children missing that get a lot of exposure on television are the only ones people seem to care about.

In reality we all care, it is a devastating situation for everyone except the molesters and murderers.  I urge you to take that extra glance at any child you see wondering alone, sitting alone and notice who may be with a child that doesn't seem happy or well cared for.

Take time to visit the missing children sites and see who is missing, just by looking you may save a life.  For this child it is way to late, I only hope that someone, somewhere, someday will see his photo and recognize who he is.  I would like to see the day when responsible thug goes to jail for this.  This child deserves justice so he may rest in peace.

Laura Elizabeth

The Grove Park Inn, Asheville North Carolina

Standing high upon a hill overlooking the city of Asheville, North Cacalaky or better know to visitors and people across the nation as the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina stands a prime outstanding piece of artwork constructed of rock from Sunshine mountain upon which it stands, wood, clay and metal.

The Grove Park Inn created by the vision of Edwin Wiley Grove and opened to the public in 1913. Where visitors from around the world ascend to the mountain heights to be taken in by its beauty and luxury along with the breath taking scenic views of mountains, the sky and the city of Asheville.

When you enter the grand Inn you are amazed by the home feeling and surprised when you approach the Great Hall where you find huge fire places, stone walls and over grand windows bring a sense of tranquility to all who partake in it's view. It seems bigger than life to be in a room made mostly of native granite that had been set piece by piece to create the atmosphere.

The fire places almost always lit and dozens of rocking chairs placed strategically to view the fire are hard to resist and if you relax you can be sure to order a cognac, glass of wine or even a hot cocoa from the bar and most likely listen to some comforting mountain music playing in the back ground.

You may wander, visiting the shops with ethnic gifts and trinkets to take home or see artwork of all varieties on display in the halls and in certain rooms. There is a grand ball room, fine dining, swimming and spa. The rooms for rent are lavishly decorated to show the era in which Grove entertained and the gardens and terrace are embossed with architecture and flowers that is most impressive and brings the feel of serenity.

A visit to the Grove is an event even for a resident of Asheville and surrounding towns people as well as outside visitors because we need to recapture its beauty on a constant basis. It reminds us that this is the feel of North Carolina.

We are a part of so many heritage back grounds that have brought much glorification to us. A visit prompts forgetting for a brief time the everyday drudgery of work and life to really live and embracing the happy peaceful times spent with friends and family, good food, good fun and relaxation.

Look forward to the day when you plan to visit the inn and bask in all of its glory, no matter the occasion. Plan to stay and partake in the real experience, I promise it will not be a let down.

As a family we visit the Grove Park Inn at least twice a year, once for a look at the Christmas decor and the gingerbread houses in competition and once during the summer to partake in the beauty of a summer day. I hope you all get the chance to visit this place at least once in your life.

The End

Laura Elizabeth

Snow again in the mountains

The scenic essences of the layered hills and mountain tops in North Carolina, which I call home has once again has become a beholding sight to my eyes this morning. Yesterday the dingy gray outlook of them seemed to be pointing and plaguing my mind to a much less happier place, as it has to most people across America.

Now the ground, the rocks, trees and shrubs Covered with a overlay of white beauty is almost hard to see when you first open your eyes. Readjusting and taking a second glance prompts thoughts of ice skating and sledding. Heading for the coffee pot then sitting in front of the picture windows and basking in the bright light of the ground cover, accompanied by the bright morning sky which is softy adorned by fluffy clouds seems to bring your mind to a peaceful place.

One step outside into the beauty reminds you that winter has been to long in the mountains. The cold, wind, sleet and snow have come and gone far to often compared to years past. Travel becomes almost impossible compared to flatland because of fact that you never know what you are going to run into on the roads when you drive around the next bend. Where as in flatland's you can see for miles in the crisp clear morning air with the only problems being will your vehicle start, you must take it slow and careful while driving and will your car start.

In the mountains head-bolt heaters are virtually unheard of and some people haven't even heard of them. It just doesn't get that cold. Be that as it may, when you live in the North Carolina mountains 30 degrees is just plain to cold. You get used to the climate and intensely hot summers which makes it unbearable when the temps go down to far.

In all of the 8 years I have been here there has not been a strong winter like this, where you loose electricity for days on end or the snow has not come and gone in a matter of one or two days. Now we feel the depressive thoughts and the anticipation of warmer weather. Where as in my native State of Minnesota, you are well planned in the idea that winter is going to last for months and you settle back with books to read, movies to watch or go ice fishing, skating, snowmobiling and skiing.

In these mountains it could be 80 degrees next week. It's very unpredictable. Just as never, in the eight years I have lived here have we had a building number of tornado watches and warnings. Though they are not unheard of in the mountains, it just doesn't happen on a regular basis as it does in other parts of the country.

Along with many other people in the mountains I look forward to the warm sunny days of spring , where once again we will open our doors and windows and plant our gardens. Hike in the mountains and explore the spring festivals with plenty of good food to eat and wonderful mountain music to be heard. Until then, when the snow has hit again and again I will do the best I can to bask in the glory of the snows beauty and remember, no mater what, spring has to be on it's way.

The End

Laura Elizabeth

Reader’s Journal: My New Beginnings

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Laura Elizabeth

Give a Valentine from the Heart to the Elderly

Give a Valentine from the Heart to the Elderly

Laura Elizabeth

Reader’s Journal: Cancer, From a Daughter’s Perspective

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Laura Elizabeth

Save Big Bucks Shopping Department Store Clearance

Save Big Bucks Shopping Department Store Clearance

Laura Elizabeth


Laura Elizabeth I had a interview with 1st Angel Magazine and it was wonderful. Take a look.

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Laura Elizabeth

Well now! Here's my blog!

This is me going tooling in the vert.  I was undercover that day!

I began this blog last year and then simply ignored it.  I have decided to open it up and take a look into how I can utilized it to spread the word.  What ever the word may be I am sure it's going to be a interesting ride.  I will be doing daily or bi-daily entries and I hope you enjoy them, join this blog page and follow what I have to add to the world.  Welcome to the world as I see it.  Laura Elizabeth