Thursday, July 22, 2010

Short Story

Day 1

In a darken room only lit by the glow of illumination from a tunnel, I sat on a chair. The chair made of wood and painted dark brown. The paint chips, and gouges taken from it's legs. It was not steady and wobbled to and frough needing some repair. I looked into the light down the tunnel wondering what was there. Though not bound to the chair it felt as if some kind of bonding agent or a sphere magnetic force held me there.

I felt I could move though it was as if I had been gleamed in the eye of a vampire and they held my close attention. My thoughts told me to run as I looked around the circular shaped, darkened room and I could hear the drip of water drops hitting the floor. It felt cold and damp and I grasped for air to breathe. I sat quiet as a creature in the woods trying to hide from danger though my breathing was deep, and intense.

I wanted to scream out but It seemed no one would here me in this dungeon type room and I knew if they did it was most relevant that it was not going to be my kind savior who plunged from the darkness, but rather a seedy looking character or some creature from the depths of hell coming to quiet me.

I heard footsteps in the distance, and it seemed it was a hard set of shoes on some one who walked at a fast, strong pace, and heavy with each step. I tried to figure out where the steps were coming from and listened intently as I shook with tremendous fear. My body jolting in the chair at each sound the step made.

Was I sentenced to this place? What could they or it possibly want with me. My strength well in tacked but my nerves shattered as I tried to stop myself from shaking so violently. When my fears overtook me and I felt myself passing out.

Day 2

I regained myself, and I had no judgement of how long I had been out, but for sure only to hear the heavy footsteps still coming towards me. The sound intensified as the shoes hit the concrete, and it seemed as if a group of people had begun to chatter all at once. The sounds moving much more rapidly towards me, the voices louder than before as they seemed to gain momentum.

I shook my head trying to clear my mind, and my body ached from being in the same position for way to long. Once again I struggled to move, but to no avail I could not move, nor could I speak. It was as if I had been drugged to prevent me from making any gesture, movement or sound, except that of fear and shaking.

The sounds louder in my ears until it was as if someone was banging a sledgehammer on a tin building and the people almost shouting. Then suddenly without warning it stopped. I felt I could once again move my head, and I turned it both ways, to loosen it from being so stiff.

It seemed as it were forever in the silence and I felt I would doze off but the fear kept my eyes open. My mind drifted to the day before when I spent the morning in my living room watching television and drinking hot coffee while I nibbled on wheat toast, with home made peach, apricot jam piled on top of it. How I wished I had some of that as my stomach began to growl.

Yet only for a moment I wished the sounds kept going for it was better than the silence except for the dripping of water to the floor. I sat in the quiet, and waited, staring down the tunnel towards the light, and briefly turning to look into the darkness, fearing someone was there. I assumed it was a circular room as if it were a castle tower or something.

There was a loud bang as if a old musket gun had been shot off near by, and it rattled my brain, and I began to hear a ringing in my ears. Then suddenly a light appeared very dimly from the opposite side of the tunnel.

Day 3

I could see the outline of a man wearing a suit coat and hat standing in a pose that made me feel threatened as if he were a gangster from the 30's or something.

He spoke loudly and in a shrewd voice saying, "Why have you come here?" I opened my mouth slowly, and with fear, and uncertainty I whispered, "It was not my choice!" The figure swung his arm at me, and in a matter of fact voice said, "This is not a place for the weak, you should not have come!". I stammered in my voice replying, "It wasn't my choice, I did not come on my own, someone brought me here!"

He crossed his arms, and said nothing for a moment, then put his hand on his hip, smacked his shoe on the cement floor, and yelled, "You were not brought by anyone, you have to come of your own accord!" I stared into the direction of the silhouette, and then with a questioning tone in my voice I replied, "Why would I have come here on my own? I don't know where I am!"

He laughed out loud, in a searing pitch, and then with the laugh still in his voice he said, " Child, you tell me you don't know why you are here or how you got here? Impossible!" For a short moment neither of us said a thing, then I mustered up the strength and said, "Where is this place, have I been kidnapped?"

Once again he began to laugh then replied, "Nothing is by accident, nothing, and you are most likely on some journey, or you have done something that has brought you here. Now I suppose you seek the truth, or comfort". He paused a moment, my thoughts raced as I tried to come up with a reason for being in this place, and I could not.

He began to laugh again and I felt helpless, and then he calmly turned saying,
"We shall see about that, the answers will come to you with a blow, I suppose". He began to walk away, then stopped, turned back towards me, and said, Your a funny one, don't end up here for good, you wouldn't like these walls surrounding you all the time, I never have!" With that he walked away, and I watched him until his silhouette was gone from my view.  I could see nothing, but a tiny circle of light once more. Then with no warning, it disappeared into darkness.

Day 4

There seemed to be a moment of time where I had no sight, no vision, no hearing ability, then without warning, I was jolted by something around my neck.  What ever it was it squeezed my neck tightly, thrust it back, and I could not breathe.  It constricted harder, then harder until I was on the verge of passing out, and I gasped violently for air.

 As I felt my eyes begin to roll back into my head, with my pulse racing it stopped.  The darkness heavy, the pain intense.  I could hear hissing sounds in a multiple effect. I knew this was the final moment, the moment of my death.  I felt my life begin to flash before my eyes, to no surprise I could see the light so often talked about, that comes when a person passes over.

When in front of my face appeared a creature so ugly so fierce, it made me scream in utter fear.  It seemed slimmy, huge, greenish, with gold bands that glistened in the darkness, as if it were a glow stick from a halloween trick or treating adventure.

I closed my eyes for a moment, hoping I was dreaming, but the hissing sound stopped.  I kept my eyes closed tighlty for a moment, then opened them slowly, only to find it still in front of me.  It appeared to have 3 long tongues, separated at the ends with tentacle looking tips.  Mortified, I looked closer to see it had three heads coming from one neck.

Each head had buggy eyes, with what seemed long eye lashes, and each head, garnished a mouth that reached from one side of its head to the other.  The heads peered at me then began to hiss, simultaneously.  It batted it eyes, began to come closer to my face, and peered at me.  One of the heads brushed the skin on my cheek and I tried frantically to move but my body was still frozen to the chair.

With a jerk, it pulled away, and batted its 6 eyes at me again.  It was obvious to see by now that it was a three headed snake, and I screamed again.  It whisked around me quickly, I felt surely this was the end of my life as I knew it.  It quickly moved across the room, swinging its long body around me.  I clearly submit to my brain, that it was at least 12 feet long, and big around as a large coffee can.

I knew it could easily eat me or dismember at the least.  It came around me three times, and then the heads stopped abruptly in my face.  It hissed again, then to my shock it began to speak.  Each of the three mouths on the heads speaking at the same time saying, "Who are you? What do you want? Where have you come from? We don't like your kind! You smell of an old toad in the pit!".

To my shock I began to shake. It surprised me because I had been cemented in such to the chair. I wondered to myself "What in the Sam hell is going on here? talking 3 headed snakes? this isn't possible!"  The heads spoke again, but this time, one said a word, and the next continued it, the last ended each sentence, and around, and around it went.

"Who?", "Are", "You", "To", "Ask", "Such", "Questions?" "We", "Are", "In", "Charge", "Here!"  Then one  head hissed loudly, and continued saying, "This is our place, we are in charge." The head on the left seemed to have the voice of an old woman, cranky, and whinny.  The middle head sounded like an old Himalayan Monk, and the last sounded like you would imagine your father to sound in his late 40's, speaking harshly to you.

In the distance I could hear what seemed to be thunder, and a voice, but I could not make it out.  It seemed to repeat itself over, and over growing slightly louder as it went on. There was a sudden loud clap of thunder, from down the lighted tunnel, to the right.

Then a very strong, upsetting voice yelled, "Why have you come to me?"  Followed by the loud thunder.  I looked, but did not answer.  I turned back to find the snake slithering away, and the voice down the tunnel yelled again, "Why have you come?" I opened my eyes slowly, and lifted my head from hanging to my left side, and realized I had been passed out, or sleeping. 

Day 5

My head and neck both ached.  I could feel my rear end was completely numb.  I wondered why I was feeling anything, and why I could move, but before I gave it to much thought, the voice loudly repeated itself, "Why are you here?"  What have I done, to think you should come to this place?"

I thought quickly and said, "I don't know, I don't even know where I am!"  The voice seemed to come from the tunnel to my left, that kept a dim light in the room, and I raised my arm putting my hand above my eyes, to shield them, and looked into the light, straining to see anything.

I could see the outline of someone coming towards me from afar.  As it walked towards the entrance to the tunnel, it seemed it had glorious colors of light all around it, and I felt so at peace.  The fear seemed to leave me, with it's every step closer to me.

It stopped momentarily, I could make out that it seemed to be the outline of a man.  I saw him turn, and it was as if other outlines of people were going towards it very fast.  I could see he was raising up the outline of what appeared to me to be an arm, and it was putting it's arm on the tops of the lights, and then they would seem to bow and back away.

This strange appearance of light, then turned, and continued on to the entrance of the tunnel, to where I sat in the chair, then stopped before entering the area where I was and said, "This is not a place for you."

I replied, "What is this place?"  It seemed the deep mysterious voice of a man,, and he let out a hardy laugh followed by, "My child, this is a cross roads, for those who have unfinished business or those who must enter the great hall, to repent, and heal.  You, are not finished, you have not failed, and you have completed the journey assigned to you at this point. thus, I do not understand the reason for your being here!"

I felt my eyes open wide, my mouth drop and I said, "Are you telling me I am at some sort of cross roads, to heaven?"  He replied, "Yes my child.  You are not to be judged yet, those who must be judged, are the ones who travel to this hall.  They are judged, then taken beyond, and some choose not to be judged, then will not look into the light for us, that is one who is unwaged that you have encountered."

I took a deep breath and said, "Well then why am I here?"  I felt my eyes getting very heavy, and I could feel myself slumping in the chair, as I quickly fell asleep.

Day 6

I felt myself drifting as I was being pulled forward.  I seemed to feel a type of wind hitting my skin, my hair flowing back, and I opened my eyes.  I found myself in this tunnel of light.  I could tell I was not touching any floor, and looked down to see that I was floating.  Moving forward toward what I did not know.  Looking side to side I could see different rays of color, and it reminded me of the colors of the rainbow, aura's or pictures of gases in outer space.

They began to change as my body moved forward, and I could see the outline of what seemed to me to be people looking at me, moving around and some moving towards me, though they did not confront me.

I became a bit fearful, I was not breathing, and tried to feel my sences, then I realized, in a sence, I was breathing without the actual breaths.  I began to feel relaxed, the fear left my mind, and the scenes became peaceful, and serine. 

I could then see there was someone or something ahead of me, as I moved faster then before.  It was hard to recognize at first, but it soome became apparent it was a figure.  The figure had gloriuos rays of light coming from it, and it wasn't long before I could see what appeared to be a man with wings, in a white gown.  His hair blondish, and his gown flowing, and tied loosly to the waist, with a thick rope such as one you would find on a ship.  It was made of gold, and sparkled rays as he spread his wings out wide on each side of himself.

They were massive, and I expexted to have an emotion over it, though I didn't. I figured they had to be at least 7 feet wide, from one side of his body to the other. They perplexed me, and I was drawn to him.  As my body floated, closer, and closer to him, I could see something different than the figures at my left side, and I turned to look.

There seemed to be park of sorts, Lavished in flowers, and walk ways, beautiful huge green trees that had rays of light around them, and a creek in the middle of it all.  A stone walk way appeared, and I could see a bench in front of it, with a creek beyond it.

Suddenly there was an old woman sitting on the bench, she turned, and waved at me.  I felt myself wave back, and I knew she was familiar, but I could not place her.   

Laura Elizabeth

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I will be the guest with Kozmic Kids on the 24th of july

Contact Information:

KoZmiC KiDs Website:

Shelly and Jade have been gifted since childhood but more or less stayed "in the closet" not sharing with others because of ridicule, laughter or disbelief. Shelly grew up with a family who was intuned with the spiritual world where Jade did not. Together they compliment each other understanding both sides of the scale...balancing children/adults who have been open and want to share to ones who are just coming into their own spiritual essence. Their humor and wanting to help all KoZmiC KiDs of the world is where their passion lies within. Join them in helping the KoZmiC KiDs with their spiritual essence.

July 24, 2010 Saturday 5PM, ET …541 Hucklebee Hound, A Paranormal Story

Are the folks in the afterlife really capable of committing murder? Stop by and join us as we listen to Laura Elizabeth, author of 541 Hucklebee Hound, speak of this beautiful childhood love story and paranormal murder mystery that will keep you glued to your seat! Join us we ask Laura questions of the twist and turns and could this be possibly her personal story?

She has also contributed as a writer for women's online magazines with several articles. Laura has also been interviewed by 1st Angel magazine out of the UK and by Going Beyond Radio on Blog Talk Radio with Chuck Manning and Sylvia Ray. She is a stroke survivor and believer of life after death. Laura is currently working on her 3rd manuscript and also a member of Spiritual Transitions. You can find links associated with her book 541 Hucklebee Hound on, Facebook, Myspace and you can also find her under Laura Elizabeth on Linkedin Link

Laura Elizabeth

Monday, July 19, 2010

I quit to persue my goals without the stress and pressure.

Which in the long run will take me to the top much more quickly.  Quiting your job isn't that easy.  When you first have a job you are confused to a certain degree and you don't really know anyone.  Then as you learn your job and begin to relax you get to know the people you work with and you learn who's company you enjoy and you learn the ones to stay away from.

 There always seems to be a certain amount of back stabbers and nilly Nelly's who want to get deep into your business and gossip about it to others.  Those who are genuinely kind people and not the phonies they display to everyone are not that hard to stay away from.  However then you settle in and except working shifts that sometimes seem long and very hard physically.  Other shifts are easy and controllable and it is fun to be around the people that are easy going and fun to be around, though you always have those few who don't divulge themselves to you because there agenda is way over your expectations of the job and you avoid them at all costs with only the casual hello or smile as they go by. 

Then there are the comer's and goer's of management and or otherwise it's hard to distinguish who is on the up and up and who's not.  All certainly a game those of us who have been in management in our lives have played when we assume it is our life long career and we are going to play the game the way it is intended to be played. 

When you reach a certain age it seems you begin to form the idea of whether you are going to completely play the game or not.  I for one had chose after many years of management not to play the game and venture into my own visions of what I wanted my life to be.

So, as the econmy began to fall, thus, my work load and the changes began to overwhelm me and physically became a huge challenge. My physical being due to medical issues.  Bringing me to a point where I did not want to be there and they did not want me there. 

A mutual feeling which I felt and heard whispers of.  Someone wanted me gone and I knew who those people were and it really didn't matter because I was done giving my all to the job with now satisfaction or reward.  After all, why work hard if others aren't going to and you have to go around and finish up everything they did not do?  After a while you don't care any more than they did.

I figured it was time to exit before some pretty good relationships were extinguished and leave it at that.  Their dream was clear, to be lifers and my dream was also clear that I am a writer, an author not a over used underpaid factory type worker.  In my mind the job was just as tough as being no more than a indentured type servant in a nylon factory going no where and never being praised for accomplishment only noticed for things missed. 

My life is writing and I intend on being in this position all of the rest of my life.  If need be I will find a job where I am respected and rewarded for my good work.

It's very hard to be an empath and know what people are doing and pretend like you have no clue to their involvement or cross thoughts and words.  It's so much better to remove yourself from these type of situations that hold you back on your journey.  I know I will have half the Dr. visits I had while employed.

In years to come I will be working hard on what I want from life and not what others want me to do so they don't have to.  It's a freeing type feeling to not have to do the early shifts and then come home so tired you have to go to bed.  I'm definitely enjoying my freedom but I do miss the people I still call friends and understand it's all business to some of them.  I wish them luck in where ever life takes them.

Laura Elizabeth

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You can get your face in Fast Company Magazine

Fast Company is looking for the most influencial face.  The person will be fetured in their magazine.

I want my face there do you want yours too?  Follow the link:
Laura Elizabeth