Sunday, February 3, 2013


This is a new section for me. I will be recording some of the messages I receive from beyond here and adding to them as I go! Please remember these are messages from them not me!

First let me put in the messages I received on the day of change. Angels and spirits gave profound messages to all who were ready to receive and some who were not. They were given for 18 minutes for me and then began to slip away. Understand that some seem very random but lets go with them; 
1. The peace we give each other is enormous. Give peace!
2. Blessings are grand & everyday.
3. Love and peace from your brothers and sisters.
4. To all; LOVE
5. Rejoice at the ceremony of joy!
6. I am eased by the multitude of love.
7. Enjoy life!
8. Do not dwell!
9. Lean an ear!
10. Chance for all joy!
11. Give peace to those who ask.
Find it!
12. Mortality is with the body. Joy is in the house of God!
13. Many, many blessings to all! 
14. Kind heart, warm heart Mary is loved!
15. Time to forgive. Make your time count!
16. Dance on the moon!
17. Demi leaving.
18. To those who ask, so shall you receive.
19. Love is the greatest joy of all!
20. Peace from afar. Listen to Zou!
21. Lean towards the west.
22. Asking is giving and receiving. Move, live, love, we love you!
23. Laura Peace.
24. Smell, sing, live, love.
25. All who leave are at peace.
26. Find hope. Keep hope!
27. Do unto others as you would have done.
28. IIIVIII- now is the time.
29. Time is irrelevant. Add.
30. Demeotees.
31. Maraga ret lues.
32. Angelic event.
33. Singing praise.
34. Most amazing. Live. Love. Laugh.
35. Celine Dion.
36. Music is good. Love is God. Giving is good..
37. Many will follow. Join in God.
38. To give is to live.
39. Sons and daughters peace be with you.
40. I love.
41. Ask and you shall receive. We do hear.
42. I am there for 1. Live.
43. Sing in soicus. 
44. Marabelle time to change.
Seeing knowing. 
45. Ask John, David, Danial. Listen. End war.
46. Serenade from unade.
47. Tell me to give. Peace be with you.
48. Henagad movement.
49. Souls leaving. Huge wave.

*Note; there are a million and 1 things that some of this stuff could mean. Others are self explanatory. Some foreign words to me?   I haven't a clue. I haven't researched any of this!       
Love and light all!

Laura Elizabeth
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