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Who am I???

My name is Laura Elizabeth, born and raised in a rural town which is now a small city in Minnesota. I have 2 brothers living and 1 who has passed away. I have always been gifted with abilities of site and hearing the other side, though as a child I generally thought everyone was like this and never really brought it up to anyone until I wasa teen and did aura readings and such for certain firends.  I never really knew how far my abilites were going to go and for the most part brushed them off. Now, I am a 48-year-old mother of two. They both live with me in North Carolina. My oldest son Josh is 28 and my youngest J.R. is 14. I spent two years trying to get divorced which is a complicated issue when it's done between two different states.

I met Steve Childers in 2001 and he is the absolute love of my life and I thank god for letting us find each other.

In 2004, I had been working at Annabelle’s Restaurant in the Asheville Mall for two years. I was well known to all of the staff, clientele, mall employees, friends and neighbors as “Coo”. It is a nickname that was given to me by one of my brother’s when I was young.

That’s when my dilemma and my amazing future began. I had been slowing down and losing my train of thought. My memory was beginning to fade, I gained weight at an alarming rate and I was having trouble with my vision.

It was to the point that I was having trouble functioning on a daily basis, therefore I began to see doctors. Along with a low functioning thyroid, I began to have problems with Hypo-glycemia. That’s when I found Dr. Dan Cannon of Asheville (Who is now always a charector in my novels).

Soon after he began studying me I had a slight stroke. Dr. Dan immediately ran a check on my carotid arteries and discovered the left side blocked. He sent me directly to a specialist named Dr. Michael Douglas who could not believe that the tests were conclusive that the left artery in my neck was seriously blocked.

He said I was too young for this critical of a condition. He set me up for surgery on October 31st. During the surgery he found it to be 100% blocked and ulcerated. He expressed that I could have died at any moment, which was a chilling thought for myself as well as my family.

The healing process was slow and every day was a struggle because I was so weak by the time it was discovered. I was in bed for almost 17 hours per day and had gained 50 pounds. I stayed away from work and rested for a year trying to regain my normal strength.

Though I suffered through some long term memory loss such as not knowing some people or places that I knew before, not knowing that I had seen certain movies or remembered songs or memories from my childhood. Even some foods I liked before were no longer interesting in my menu and others that I was told I didn’t like were now on my menu. The doctors have said it may all come back or it may not. I can honestly say that some has and some hasn’t. Though I retain some interesting events such as out of body experiences and ghost hunts, family outings, friends all kinds of things. Its not a total loss.

According to the neurologist, I am having a slight problem with short term memory but as a joke I just reply by saying, “It’s okay, I usually remember what I forgot, sooner or later. An as for visions he says I'm just fine and he thought they would just go away.

I knew somehow I had to find a place in my life that gave me peace as well as find a way to help support my family and start over. Not an easy path to have to take.

I had already given up my past life and divorced and totally started over in North Carolina and I wasn’t sure if I was prepared to handle all of this, especially not knowing a lot of things that I knew before.

I began dabbling with writing as a release. I had been having dreams and things were just popping into my head like movies playing. It seemed stories and scenes of things were happening in such vivid realistic measure. Some of it good, some of it bad and some of it is simply frightening.  They were visons of past, present and future events but at that time I did not know it. It wasn’t very long after writing things from my head that I had chapters of what I was told by my mother and my fiancĂ© were very interesting material.

The stories in the book just seemed to continue and appear in my mind and grew with every written word until finally I wrote “The End”. Then they asked me what I was going to do with it. Suggesting that I get it published. The idea scared me at first, but then became an exciting challenge.

During the process of writing, my son Josh was in a serious car accident that could have killed him and he had to have plastic surgery on his ear and stay in the trauma unit at the hospital for a few days.

He came home and seemed lost for a long time and didn’t work for almost two years. I believe the head trauma affected him much more than the doctors knew. I felt it was a miracle that he even stayed alive as the truck was mangled.

My niece moved in with us because she didn’t like her life and her parents thought it would be a good move for her.

She spent three years with us trying to sort out her complicated life and I was the beating board for her. She moved out when she turned 18 and I’m proud to say I did something right with her because she’s headed on to further her education. I’m proud of her for that.

During this time my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and we went through two years of surgeries, appointments, radiation and chemo. She is ready to get the port out coming up this Friday and that situation is looking so much better. I’m proud of my mother. She’s a fighter.

Steve and I were in a car accident where our vehicle rolled when an on coming car hit us during that time which left me with a serious concussion and it seemed to have foiled my brain a little more but I continue on working towards my goals in life.

A close family relative had been in prison for serious drunk driving offence, which ultimately, was caused, by the pain and guilt over death of my youngest brother. He had tried to save his life for about an hour but to no avail he could not save him. It caused him such turmoil and pain he found some kind of refuge in the bottle.

For years he sat in that prison rotting so to speak. Knowing he was guilty of his crime and finally trying to deal with my brother’s death, he asked for my help and I took on the task of trying to help him get to a half way house (Now he is living on his own.)

He began to heal and reinstate his life into society. It seems that even though he’s through with me, I have succeeded in that and he is headed in the right direction.

Also during this time, I found that my father was seriously ill and things don’t look good there. He is terminal. Also a very close family relative whom I love dearly had a major stroke while in surgery for blockage to her heart and it changed life again.

Around this time Steves brother passed away mysteriously after a major surgery on his liver. Curious thought that he served in Vietnam. It was very traumatic for all of us and seemed to stunt our lives for a while, he was good man.

Through my illness, my surgery, my recovery, my niece moving in and out, the trials and tribulations of getting through the paper work for the prison release program, my family members serious stroke, through my son’s recovery from a car accident, my father being ill, my fiancĂ©’s brother’s death and my mother’s breast cancer surgery, radiation and chemo and not to mention the financial burden that has been placed on this family we have muddled through.

I thought the worst was behind us years ago when my brother and my cousin past away and finding out I had lost a twin to my youngest son and lay in bed for 7 months. Boy oh boy, life takes us on so many journey's good and bad.

 After all of this found peace in parts of my day to write. It’s probably why it took me two years to write the first book. I thank God for those of us who are here together. Our loved ones who are gone? I’m sure they are watching over us. Everyday is a true blessing.

How many people can say, “I had a stroke and it changed my life for the better”. Even through all the bad times and tragedy I was lucky that my memory and my sight were not completely destroyed. I’m lucky they were the only things that have been affected.

The fact that my heart has been broken a million times has only made me stronger. It’s too bad life deals that way. I feel as if God has given me a second chance and opened a door to a new world for my family and me.

Anyway, the book is a paranormal murder mystery. It is called “541 Hucklebee Hound”

The story is about; a girl named Shane May T. Bellefonte, better known as Shanie. She is a sweet southern girl who has inherited a gift. It is an unwanted gift of seeing the past and some of the future. She fights the visions daily and feels she is learning to control them until she is pulled into the life of a serial killer. At first through thee eyes of a small child, and then the many victims follow the child’s lead, dragging her mind through their terrible ordeals as well as their deaths. Shanie struggles to make sense of the fragmented pieces before the killer can strike again and push her over the edge of reason.

Insert from 541 Hucklebee Hound:

Sondra thought back to the first experiences that she could remember. She was a little girl about 5 years old and she lived with her parents on the peanut plantation. She had a large room that felt like it was part of a castle and a nursery was connected to it. In the nursery were all kinds of beautiful dolls and stuffed animals, building blocks and even a dollhouse with wood people and furniture to play with.

 A wooden rocking horse that her father had sent away for that was painted white with pink ribbon reigns. By the bay windows in the room sat a small round wooden table with four chairs and a set of play dishes made of china. She would sit down at the table and announce tea and pretend others were sitting with her. One day she walked over and sat down saying, “Okay everyone it’s tea time.”

She watched as a small boy with short blonde hair dressed in knickers, a white shirt with suspenders and white socks and black loafers walked over to the table from behind the rocking horse and sat down next to Sondra. Then an older girl with tight blonde curls and bows in her hair, in a pink dress that was all frilly with ribbons and lace came from behind the curtains that hung on each side of the bay windows and walked over to the table and sat down next to the boy.

Sondra didn’t think a thing of it. She was happy to see someone to play with and she poured make-believe tea for everyone and introduced herself. The little boy seemed to be about the same age as Sondra and introduced himself as being Theodore and he wanted to play and he was glad she had asked him.

Theodore had moved into the house with his parents when he was 5 and he loved to ride horses. He had been given a new horse for his sixth birthday and the first time he rode it with his father on a horse with his father at his side.

Concequently he was thrown off when his horse bolted seeing a snake in the creek near the house. He woke up and no one could see him. His father and mother packed and moved away separately after that and he hadn’t seen them since.

The older girl seemed about ten and said she had had been in the house as long as she could remember and she was happy to have someone to play with. She said her name was Darla Waters and she was concerned that her parents had gone away and had not come back. She had fallen down the stairs while playing one day and all she could remember was that she was in bed a long time and then no one could see her anymore.

She followed her parents and younger sister through the house day after day till one day they left and didn’t return. Soon after men came to the house and packed everything up and hauled it away and she was left there in the house alone until Theodore came. She said she watched him from afar and when his parents left she came out from behind the curtain so that he would not be alone.

Sondra played with the two till she was older and grew tired of it. She went to the mammy in the kitchen and asked her how to get rid of ghosts. Sondra remembered that the exact thing her mammy said to her was, “Child, you got what your momma gots. Go speak ta her. She be getting um on fer ya” Sondra’s mother took her hand and they went to the nursery which Sondra never visited anymore and told her to sit quiet at the small table and explain to the children that her mother could help and to come out.

Sondra called Theodore and Darla but they didn’t come at first but then she invited them for tea and they came out and sat down at the table with Sondra and her mother. They asked Sondra why she didn’t come anymore and Sondra’s mother stepped in telling them that Sondra was growing up and that they would not. She carefully explained to them that somehow they had passed away and that judging by the dated clothing they were wearing that their families had probably went to heaven long ago.

She asked them if they ever saw a light behind them and they both nodded their heads as if to say yes and Sondra’s mother explained to them that if they would turn and look into the light that their families were waiting for them there and they should go to them. First Darla stood up and turned around and said, “There is a light. I see someone; I see my mother and my father. There’s my sister. Oh Theodore, she’s right they have come for me.”

 She started to walk toward the edge of the room and turned and said, “They’re smiling, don’t be afraid Theodore your momma and poppa will be there too! I’ll find you!” With that she disappeared. Sondra urged Theodore to look into the light too and he stood up from his chair and turned around. He stood quiet for a moment and then he said, “Momma, I’m tired!” He rubbed his eyes and said, “Yes poppa.”

He turned back to Sondra and her mother and Sondra’s mother nodded her head and whispered, “Go, go with Mommy!” as she motioned him to scoot with her hand and Theodore turned and Sondra said, “Bye Theo. Thanks for playing.” Theodore quickly turned back and waved at Sondra and then he walked towards the wall and disappeared into thin air.

That’s when Sondra first let it be known to her mother that she had a curse on her. Her mother explained it wasn’t a curse and that she was not crazy and that it ran in the family.

She told Sondra not to tell anyone because they may call her a witch or something and her mother explained it was not being a witch but that it was a talent that everyone had it but some people have it stronger and those people don’t get the choice of knowing or not about the after world. She told her the others whose gift is not so strong need to develop it to have it work and be controlled but most of them choose not to.

End of excerpt…

The book is so many things rolled into one bind of paper. Pouring out of my thoughts and my heart. It is a story of unconditional love, off hate and romance. There are some very explicit stories of murder that to me are unbelievable that I could even write such things, but they seem as if they didn’t come from my mind, somehow seeming not to have gotten their by my own will.

Parts of my journal, as it were. It includes lost spirits looking for answers and then finding them, as well as others on the same path, finding the light of the lord and going home some of out of body experiences I have had, People making a choice and heading down the right or the wrong road of life. It’s true raw emotion, pain and healing. Finding God as a result.

Grammy award winner Linda Davis has been a friend of mine for 25 years and she allowed me to talk about her in my book. She was very excited when I asked. She said, “As long as I’m rich, famous and beautiful! Then she laughed. I love her dearly for it. She was the first person and probably the only to every make me crab cakes and salmon cakes. I love her I had to throw that in. There are other friends of mine in the book such as Dan Cannon, he's still my doc and my whole family loves him. Don Clayton and old friend, My Aunts and uncles, grand parents, brothers, all kinds of people. Even Steves mom and dad, my mom, Diana a friend of my mothers, my kids Steve and many more.

I involve Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. I talk about local landmarks and the cities they’re in. I write some history into the book speaking things such as old southern mansions and the lives of people who inhabited them from Civil War to modern day.

I would just be so excited if you would read my book. I wanted you all to know how this book came to be and who I am. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I also am a journalist and columnist and I enjoy writing articles for magazines that influence everday life and intrigue. I dabble in writing poetry, lyrics for songs and childrens books.

I have written a new novel entitled Farmer which is about 8 brothers who are unwillingly put on a paranormal adventure of finding the murderers of their parents. They go through many traumatic personal issues including acceptance, denial, truth, raw emotions. You can find info about that book on my facebook and in this blog as well. They are both published on Amazon. See links within blog. 

Heres the synopsis for that;
Del Farmer leans on the side of his truck outside the cemetery gates, watching intently as the local grave diggers dig deep into the earth, preparing the resting place of a poor old soul from the small town of Roscoe, Minnesota. As the radio blares inside his truck, Del's thoughts swing away from the grim work of the grave diggers to his own family, and how lucky he is they are safe and healthy. Little does he know his life and the lives of his seven brothers are soon be altered forever when he finds himself on a journey to help his brother find his missing step-daughter. After discovering what has happened to her he believes the torment is over when a twist is added to his life upon discovery that other family members are murdered. When the brothers come together it is apparent they have grown in different directions and it is made clear that some of them are now unacceptable to others. The turmoil is just too much for them. Along with this heinous act of carnage against their family they try to discover the truth when strange visions of spirits, ghosts and demons along with Angels appear before them. The police pressure them, the town's people confused and at bay. Who is pushed to the edge? This is a high drama/mystery of a paranormal sort. With massive adventure and intrigue it promises to capture your complete attention.

~In this novel the brothers visit a number of cities, towns, businesses, landmarks and area that will interest many readers and be familiar to those from or know of Minnesota. South Dakota, South Carolina, and North Carolina. I write of concerns in the world such as war, peace, issues from around the world on politics, religion, and controvercail events.

There are several ghost stories that have gone through waves of people for years in Minnesota. Personal events that took place in my childhood, my life, or the childhood and lives of my friends and family. There are also unexplainable events of the paranormal including Angelic visits, visits with loved ones who have passed, evil spirits still trying to accomplish things they began in life and a look at life after death.

I have involved a actual tornado and since I have been in the midst of one. I believe it to be pretty accurate of what can happen. I discuss so many things that this is a huge book. Maybe it should have been 2 books, however I hade to stop somewhere, because I could gone longer with it. I have not forgot sexuality, I discuss sex and the choice of sexual lifestyle and the judgement of it as well. Understand relationships of family when we are young verses as adults. Read about Tanya telling a story of the most famous Bakery in the entire area, The Cold Spring Bakery!

You will come with me on a journey to visit a psychic, go to the Grasshopper Chapel in Cold Spring Minnesota, and wonder around the outside old St. Ravens HomeNunery, now know as The Ravens Nest and St. Agnes Church, Go hunting and discover wierd things with members of my family, ghost hunting with friends to Colmeyers, near Mananah MN, and visit my most favorite lake; Lake Koronis where my Grandfather had a lake place, we spent summers there! Go to a barn raising and read how things were done back in the day. So many wonderful little side stories I cannot name them all.....

Wonder into the town of St. Joseph for a few moments, a small but needed reminder to all who know of it and the losses there and so many other towns in Minnesota. Visit the grave of my little brother who lay amoungest so many who died for or fought for their country at the Fort Snelling National Cemetary in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Visit North Carolina and South Carolina as well as South Dakota and read about famous spots I have been to them all including Comeyers and Belgrade.

Traveling up and down these roads you will find a piece of me, my family and my firends, as well as strangers who touched my life somehow! Enjoy the book! I enjoyed writing it. I also want to comment on the price. I was left no choice. You would be shocked at Amazons cut verses my small amount cut. How could paper and ink be so costly? The question I will forever ask!

Counties mentioned;
Meeker County, MN
Stearns County, Mn
Madison County, NC

States and Cities mentioned;
St. Joseph
St. Cloud
St. Paul
Long Lake
Twin Cities
New London
Lake Henry
Grove City
Granite Falls

South Dakota;

North Carolina;

South Carolina;
Kings Mountain

Places of interest mentioned;
Wall Drug
Grasshopper Chapel
Chapel Hill Road
Prinston University
Wall Street
Lake Henry Ballroom
Hilltop Restaurant
Lake Superior
Phersons Mine
Washington D.C.
Cold Spring Bakery
Minneapolis International Airport
Fort Snelling National Cemetary

Who are the main Characters;
~Del is the main Character. Along with his 7 brothers they make up the boys of Farmer family.
Dad- Joe- Joseph Farmer, Born in Paynesville MN, German Catholic
Mom-Hildee, Hilda Grossman, Born in St. Joseph, MN, German Catholic

Del- Delbert Joseph, Age 34
Virg- Virgil Norman, Age 32
Whyn- Stanley William, Age 31
Jimmy- James Henry, Age 29
Joey- Joseph James, Age 28
Cal- Calvin John, 26
Brian- Brian Tulliver, Age 24
Wally- Wallace Laverne 22, Named after 2 of Joe's brothers
John Morgan Jr.- Joes best friend
Mariyln Farmer- Virg's Wife, college professor

This adventure takes Del and his borthers into a termoiled journey of love, hate, friendship, brotherhood and the realization of what happens to the simple life during tragedy.

~The book was Editied by my father. Thank you so much Dad!

~a List of family and friends who agreed to let me use their names and a bit about them twisted into a Characters;
My uncle, John Morgan Jr.
My aunt, Bernice Morgan (John Jr.'s Lovely wife)
My aunt, Michele Morgan/Pavlock
My uncle, Mike Pavlock(Michele's husband)
My cousin, Marcy Pavlock
My cousin, Loraine Morgan Martonik
My cousin, Tim Morgan (HUGS)
Tracey Morgan & kids.(Cousins by marriage)
My brother, Mike Phillips
My best friend & sister in law, Nancy Phillips
Basically like family, Marie Loscheider
Dear friend, Shelly Bradley
Basically like family, Tanya Rosenbrook
Basically like family, Janet Whetston
Tim Whetston(Janets husband)
and mentioning son Aiden & baby to come)
Dear friend, Jade B. Chandra
Steve Childers (My husband)
Josh Gilbertson (My son)
J.R. Childers(My son)
My doctor, Dr. Dan Cannon

Honorable mentions;
John Morgan Sr. (Pappy to me) Deceased
Martha Whippo/Morgan ( Nanny to me)Deceased
My brother, Robert J. Phillips(Bobby)Deceased
My uncle, Bob Morgan
My aunt, Sis Morgan Bedford
My aunt, Maureen Morgan/Carlson
My mother, Mary Morgan/Phillips
Dave Martonik & kids(Cousins by marriage)
My uncle, Max Morgan
Mike Loscheider (Maries husband)
Brad Rosenbrook & kids (Basically family)
Father Garvey(Priest who buried my brother)

I can't thank you all enough for letting me involve you in this heart filled journey! My love to you all!

Laura Elizabeth

~The book cover was done by Laura and Demetrious Zouharis of LD Commercail Art. Thank you my dear friends, its perfect. I love you both dearly! xoxoxo, Coo

~ This novel is dedicated to my family, friends here on earth as well as those who have passed on.

~Specail mention of Ted and Terry Oledzki for all they have taught me and been there for me.

~To my family at home, Steve, Mom, Josh & J.R.- Thank you for cooking, cleaning, making sure I ate to keep my sugar level up, made me leave the house sometimes rofl, and loved me thorugh this one more time?! Its been a haul, I love you guys!

I am a Kundalini reiki master and I love it so much. See info about it on my blog and facebook. I frequent a wonderful site called Spiritual Transitions where we do readings and take alot classes on using our abilities. They are there for higher learning.

I am also a member of Cold Mountain Paranormal Society as their resident psychic.  I enjoy going out with the team and helping to cross over spirits if they are willing to go. See them on facebook.

Welcome to my life. Walk in the sunshine, live life to it's fullist and go for the gusto.

Where did I grew up?

Small town Minnesota

Places I've lived?

Tennessee, Minnesota, North Carolina

Companies I've worked for:
Kundalini Reiki Master- Self employed
Psychic-Self employed
Author-541 Hucklebee Hound with Publish America
Author-Farmer. Self published
published artices in womans online magazines (Current)
Diversified Lifestyles-Assisted living management(10 years)
Sears(3 years)
Home Instead Senior Care(9 months)
Annabelles(3 years)
Willmar Cookie and Nut company(1 year)
Super America(3 years)
Willmar Cookie & Nut Compny (1 year)
Godfathers Pizza(3 years)
Payless Shoe Source(1 year)
Happy Chef(2 years)
Country Kitchen(1 year)
Willmar Senior Center (1 Year)
Senior Care Center(2 years)
Kandistripper(3 years)
A&W(1 year)
Cashwise(3 years)
Coberns(2 years)
Bruce T. Phillips Accounting(10 years)
LOl that makes me laugh, there was probably more but I don't recall.  This is a list to the best of my ability all the way back to when I was 12 years old.> and some of these jobs I held at the same time as others.  ROFL

Schools and classes I've attended:

-Kundalini Reiki Master classes. I was certified in February of 2011.
-I am currently enrolled in classes at The spiritual Transitions Academy of higher learning.
-I have attended and completed:
-Willmar area Vo-Tech; Management training.
-Numerous classes on T.B.I.
-Numerous classes on Developmental Disabilities
-Numerous classes and certification for medications
-C.P.R certification
-Hazordous Materials Certifacation
-First Aid Certification
-High School
-Junior High
-Wagner Elementary
-Bo Peep Nursery School (That one kills me, laughing here)

Accomplishments and Interviews:
Kundalini Reiki Master
Spiritual Part time Teacher & full time student, Spiritual Transitions
Stroke Survivor
Published Author
Management certified
Published Journalist
Honored by America's Who's Who

Interviewed by:
1st Angel Magazine (Link in blog)
Kozmic kids Blog Talk Radio (Jade & Shelly Hosts)
Kozmic Kids Radio(Jade & Shelly Hosts)
Cbs Radio Kozmic Kids(Jade & Shelly)
Haunted Like Me Radio Show (Hosts Chuck Manning & Sylvia Ray)
Messages from your Angels Radio Show. (Sandy Ruminski)

Currently working on:

Would accept a Literary Agent
Would accept a Publisher
Always working with Spiritual Transitions
Several spirit investigations with Cold Mountain Paranormal Society

Working on manuscripts:

-The Tucker House(Continuation of 541 Hucklebee Hound & Farmer)
-Miss Tannie(Old woman discusses her past lives with a 7 year old over a summer vacation making it stories. He does not know she feels she has actually believes she has lived these lifes)
-I'm Not Crazy (Journey into the stories of Mediums)
-Randar(A mystical journey through the world of Ghosts, Creatures, fairies, demons and family love

More to come, just watch me soar!!!!!

Thanks for reading,

Love, light and peace,

As I always am and always will be,

Laura Elizabeth

P.S. see all my sites listed on my blog and facebook

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