Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow again in the mountains

The scenic essences of the layered hills and mountain tops in North Carolina, which I call home has once again has become a beholding sight to my eyes this morning. Yesterday the dingy gray outlook of them seemed to be pointing and plaguing my mind to a much less happier place, as it has to most people across America.

Now the ground, the rocks, trees and shrubs Covered with a overlay of white beauty is almost hard to see when you first open your eyes. Readjusting and taking a second glance prompts thoughts of ice skating and sledding. Heading for the coffee pot then sitting in front of the picture windows and basking in the bright light of the ground cover, accompanied by the bright morning sky which is softy adorned by fluffy clouds seems to bring your mind to a peaceful place.

One step outside into the beauty reminds you that winter has been to long in the mountains. The cold, wind, sleet and snow have come and gone far to often compared to years past. Travel becomes almost impossible compared to flatland because of fact that you never know what you are going to run into on the roads when you drive around the next bend. Where as in flatland's you can see for miles in the crisp clear morning air with the only problems being will your vehicle start, you must take it slow and careful while driving and will your car start.

In the mountains head-bolt heaters are virtually unheard of and some people haven't even heard of them. It just doesn't get that cold. Be that as it may, when you live in the North Carolina mountains 30 degrees is just plain to cold. You get used to the climate and intensely hot summers which makes it unbearable when the temps go down to far.

In all of the 8 years I have been here there has not been a strong winter like this, where you loose electricity for days on end or the snow has not come and gone in a matter of one or two days. Now we feel the depressive thoughts and the anticipation of warmer weather. Where as in my native State of Minnesota, you are well planned in the idea that winter is going to last for months and you settle back with books to read, movies to watch or go ice fishing, skating, snowmobiling and skiing.

In these mountains it could be 80 degrees next week. It's very unpredictable. Just as never, in the eight years I have lived here have we had a building number of tornado watches and warnings. Though they are not unheard of in the mountains, it just doesn't happen on a regular basis as it does in other parts of the country.

Along with many other people in the mountains I look forward to the warm sunny days of spring , where once again we will open our doors and windows and plant our gardens. Hike in the mountains and explore the spring festivals with plenty of good food to eat and wonderful mountain music to be heard. Until then, when the snow has hit again and again I will do the best I can to bask in the glory of the snows beauty and remember, no mater what, spring has to be on it's way.

The End

Laura Elizabeth

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