Sunday, February 3, 2013

This entire part of my life is in the past. Shelley and I no longer have a radio show, but I will leave it here. Kozmic Kids Radio | Thursdays


Shelly Bradley works in a way to help you look inside. The virtual peeling of the onion layers. We all came here with everything we need. Sometimes we just forget. She simply look inside herself, then shares what she ‘sees;’ allowing you to take whatever you need. Laura Elizabeth brings a metaphysical aspect to everything she is involved in. She is seriously spiritual, but can be a wild, zany gal filled with intrigue. She brings her talents and abilities to KoZmic Kids as a co-host, psychic/medium, spiritual healer, spiritual investigator, blogger and writer. They are both incredible intuitive's who you will love. Don't miss even one show! Tune in for KoZmic Kids Radio with Shelly & Laura at 11:30pm ET/10:30pm CT/9:30pm MT/8:30pm PT every Thursday night & be sure to call in to a fantastic show!

Laura Elizabet

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