Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May Is coming! Should I exercise? BLAH!!!!

Soon it will be May and the sunsets are getting beautiful.  The world is going from the winter dreary, boring and darkened scenery.  We change our closets out and fill them with our colorful spring clothes and put away the black handbags and dark shoes.  We start to think about eating better, exercising and going to the beach.  I for one am having a hard time putting down the brownies and getting away from the chips and baked potatoes.  DUH!  How do we do that?  Everythnig is so good.  Food has become a comfort.  We dive into a bowl of icecream in the evening as if we are due to be hanged in the morning and we dread the thought of sweating on the workout machines.  I am at a loss.  Take away my fatty food and tell me to get up offf my ass and move seems as if my death sentace is coming.  The sunsets may be beautiful but the rather large moon that has grown and stays behind me almost dragging on the ground isn't really ready to transform.  I catch someone who knew me when I was a stick looking at me with that look on ther face and I know they are thinking, holy shit what happened to her.  Well I am like a old dirt road.  The rain falls on me once and a while and pats down the dirt making me loose the old look and then some days its dry and cracked and looks as if giraffes have barreled down it on a stampede.  I will come to terms with the food issues eventually but I just don't feel ready.  I know the time of year has come but my taste buds are begging for more!!!!!!!! 

Laura Elizabeth

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I can TOTALLY relate to this blog entry. Sounds like me to a T! ROFL......