Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don't sweat the small stuff

Everyday people get out of bed, go about their busy days, and throughout the day they find themselves worrying.  About what? Why? You cannot live your life worrying about what everyone thinks about you, what you are going to do because so and so doesn't like you, or how you are going to do or get anything. Worrying is not going to get you anywhere. Don't sweat the small stuff. Live your life for yourself and your family. It doesn't really matter how anyone else feels about you, or what you do, except for how you feel about about yourself, or what you do.  Set plans and goals for yourself. Spread smiles and love to everyone around you. If you are having trouble with someone from work, or a person who claims to be your friend, get them out of your life. Its your life and you set the rules. Take yourself out of situations that make you miserable. Life is what you make it. If nothing is working in your current situation, get out of it, change it up. Don't sweat the small stuff. Take a left at the fork in the road instead of a right. If your failing, you can't loose if you change routes. Make a list of positives in your life. Then make a list of negatives. 1 by 1 remove the negatives. Make a life poster or list of things you want to do or want to have. Put it where you can see it daily. Make positive decisions that push you to have what you want. Make your life what you want.  Just remember, don't sweat the small stuff, the dog, the fighting kids, and the cable bill. The drippy faucet, or the nasty people.  All small stuff, let it go, don't loose your temper, and get crabby.  Its not worth it. Ask your guides out loud to point you in the directions and open windows of you want.  Talking to your guides is very helpful. If you don't ask your guardian angel to help, how will they know where you want to be.  They wait for you to ask them, its there journey with you. Pray and find the way to be who you are supposed to be. Tell yourself everyday that you are strong, beautiful and ready for the change. Between positive thinking and getting the negativity out of your life you can achieve anything! ~

Blessings and light
 Laura Elizabeth

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Anonymous said...

Great advice Laura. I strive daily to not sweat the small stuff. Sometimes it is easier said than done. It takes focus.