Monday, December 27, 2010

How I get the ideas for my novels

Its really not a question of how do I get the ideas, but rather how the ideas manifest. For instance, usually It starts with some random event that I refer to as a vision. whether I am asleep or awake. To explain more, I am a medium. I can be riding down the road in a car with someone, cooking in the kitchen or sound asleep. sequence of events appear to me that involve people that I have never seen before and places that I have never been. Such as in the case of murders. Its as if someone from the other side is trying to connect with me and the only way they can get me to take a look is to show me there last memories. To try and make sense of them or understand them is very emotional for me and it takes time to come to terms with what I have seen. It perplexes me that a lot of them do not show me where they are, no town names, no cities, and no states. Sometimes I see road signs or makes of cars and markers such as bridges, trains, gas stations and things like that, but never enough concrete information to know exactly where they are located or it it is a precognition of a event to come, or a event that has happened. I have not mastered the way to look deeper yet, but one day I will. If the visions that happen to me while I am riding in a car I usually will go with the area that I am in, assuming that the body is located there or the victim has some tie with the area or than there death. They are added to my novels by fitting in that particular area into the life of the main characters. I like to remind people that I am a very spiritual person and God plays a huge role in my everyday events, so the answer to am I filled with the devil, is no! A lot of spirits that come to me are just attracted by the light of my soul that shines bright and they are checking me out so to speak. I also add ghost stories that I am familiar with and the area that they come from, as I remember them and situations that I have been involved with in my lifetime. I usually know how a story is going to end long before it is done and sometimes before I even start writing it. To date I am working on 4 novels and have ideas for many more. There is one character that you will for sure find a hint of in every novel I ever write and that is Shane May T. Bellafonte. She was my first character and is based a lot on my life. I wrote my first novel "541 Hucklebee Hound" completely about her and some of the things I have gone through as well as visions added in and parts from people very close to me in real life. There seems to be a fine line between a author and a character in most situations. You will find this alot. I love to intertwine the real life events, common landmarks, well known areas, people I know and love, visions, true stories, ghost stories and fictional events into a spin of a story that holds the readers attention and leaves them wanting you to write more. I find it very interesting and it pushes me to keep going.  So enjoy anything I write, because I certainly put alot of heart and soul into writing it. As a base there is always a underlying message in my novels hidden between the pages and figured out when you have reached the end. I love when a reader figures that out and tell me! I hope each novel brings the readers some kind of understanding.
As I always am,
Laura Elizabeth

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