Friday, March 18, 2011

Kundalini Reiki treatments

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Laura Elizabeth is a Kundalini reiki master and offers distance healings as well as home treatments to people within a 30 mile radius of her home. Simply click on the link or the photo to take you to the site for more information.

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When should we have reiki done?

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Distance healings
When I do a distant healing treatment, I visualize myself as the other person from a photo and use your name and geographical location to establish a firm link to you. I then enter into a meditative state and then use my reiki and acupressure techniques to do the energy treatment. I only treat one person at a time, giving my full focus to the person. I treat the whole body activating all main meridians starting with the toes and allow the session to progress through the natural activation pattern of the body. To do a distant healing I need your full name, geographical location, a photo and need to know the day and time you would like to receive the energy treatment. If you don't specify a time, then i give it at best time for you. energy therapy is non-invasive and I don't work to diagnose any particular ailment nor do I focus energy into any particular part of the body to eliminate the pain you might feel there and want to just ‘go away’. While I understand this desire, I feel it’s more effective and efficient to trust that your own healer can best determine how to use this extra energy. For example: the pain you feel in your shoulder might be a referred pain due to a blocked artery in the heart. (I think you would agree with me that it would be more important to clear a blocked artery then to reduce the shoulder pain.) Thus, I don’t try to second-guess the intelligence we all have inside us, rather I trust that your healer knows how to best use your own energy.

What is a hands on treatment

In a typical whole-body Reiki treatment. The Reiki practitioner instructs the recipient to lie down and relax. Loose, comfortable clothing is usually worn during the treatment. The practitioner might take a few moments to enter a calm or meditative state of mind and mentally prepare for the treatment, that is usually carried out without any unnecessary talking. The treatment proceeds with the practitioner placing the hands on the recipient in various positions. However, practitioners may use a non-touching technique, where the hands are held a few centimetres away from the recipient's body for some or all of the positions. The hands are usually kept in a position for three to five minutes before moving to the next position. Overall, the hand positions usually give a general coverage of the head, the front and back of the torso, the knees, and feet with the whole treatment lasting anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

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